SDG's has changed environmental protection into environmental development by to ignore population problem


An environmental problem and the expansion of the difference to advance to rapidly that we did including warming and the biological diversity loss and the terrorism born from there threaten society itself, and sudden increase of the population to advance to in a one developing country and the economic development lay the non-democratic political system and friction that there is many it in Africa and Central and South America and it is with democratization and a poverty solution demand, and it wakes up a civil war and a dispute and brings about a large quantity of refugees and emigrants, and even Europe has British EU withdrawal from the numerical numerousness, and an extreme right political party makes rapid progress in each country, and it is with a problem, but it continues increasing population to increase income on the originally old economic principle, and there is not it in this way in this year when we continue enlarging an economic scale. It is clear to be caused by the defect of this principle. Therefore we should have become going to do a review of old economy in Rio +20. However, we violated a mistake that the United Nations gave a former development aim the name to be sustainable by having abandoned a review of the economy that was the core and bundled economic development activity and pro-environmental behavior for a development meeting called SDG's.

If it assumes environmental protection to be environmental development, to develop environment shall be protect environment

However, development is first, and environmental protection (maintenance) may be obedient in an economic principle of the second, but what fresh water and farmland area and the forest cover on the earth are limited and increase for development in total is impossible. When we fell the forest and make farmland and the meadows, the forest decreases, and the carbon dioxide really increases in the atmosphere automatically when we dig oil and use it. In other words development is accompanied with compensation.

In other words development is accompanied with compensation. It is not sustainable as it is to continue continuing development and increasing population.