extremely important masterpiece

GOALS8 and 9 push forward waterpower dam construction for the economic development of a developing country and the rising nation.

A purpose: The industrialization, power supply, foreign currency acquisition, irrigation agriculture

And I still have the intention that is active in investment with United Nations development section and an international finance engine.

89Signs propelling dam construction
The serious problem that is reported

The thing that not only there is not interest adjustment in a country of upper reaches and a downstream country making a dam in the international river, but also becomes harmful to both countries in the future.

The Gibe III dam of Ethiopia stimulates large-scale cotton and corn cultivation by the irrigation from the dam lake, but Lake downstream torr kana (Kenya) turns into desert, and the second coming of the Caspian Sea is concerned about. I cannot deny the possibility that the Omo river dries up with expansion of the farmland before long. Even if it turns into desert like the Caspian Sea whether such a development in drylands is sustainable, I cannot generate electricity already and cannot make the cotton corn, too. (case 1)

Damage has already happened by the dam development at the branch in the international river Mekong.

A dam was built by the Vietnamese upper classes of the Mekong branch which flowed through Cambodia from Vietnam, and the water level of the river changed on the downstream Cambodia side irregularly, and a fish decreased sharply by decrease of a flood and the extreme water level, and there was not fishery, agricultural production, and serious damage appeared that a domestic animal and the boat which a dead person appeared were drained and lived on a sudden flood by the drainage to start the sand which from the Lake dam, but compensation has never been done by the collapse of the bank of a river field. (case 2)

On the other hand, I made six dams in sequence there in China having a Mekong best style part, and the change of the water level amounted to the whole lower basin, but seawater flowed backward by a drought caused by the El Nino last year in the delta zone in most downstream Vietnam which had Mekong Delta particularly and received severely wounding. As a result, China took measures to increase quantity of drainage of the dam of the own country temporarily, but big influence appeared in the whole shortage of water and fishery production of the rice field in Thailand, but the damage was not compensated for, and the dam construction that a problem continued having economic development pointed out by a password in Laos and Cambodia while knowing such actual situation now adversely is forced. (case 3)

People moved to forcibly lose farmland in dam construction and fishery is not possible and loses my job and becomes poor than before. This is against GOALS1

As for the later survey by mover with the dam taking place at the Mekong and the branch, there are few reports and is thin, but the person that income improved after construction will be lucky people who it is said, and got a job of the percent other than agriculture, fish business than before. However, it is not the majority. Originally I take the fish in a river and sell (the difference spreads) and cultivate the crops in no manure in bank of a river field, and it becomes clear that a warming effect exhausts a big methane, and the dam which makes you lose the bread is against GOALS13 and 14 because it is the self-sufficiency-shaped life that I lived on the blessing of the forest for

1314Dam promote a climate change and the biological diversity loss.